Duplicate Agents

We use isymphony and queuemetrics for tracking inbound calls via a queue.

A couple users in the queue are showing up as 2 seperate Agent Names but on the same call at the same time.

Forexamp - Ext. 1024 shows Agent Name ‘Local/1024@from-internal/n’ and ‘Local/1024@from-internal’ (no /n)

The other ext. that is giving us problems is 1022, it shows Agent name as ‘SIP/1022’ and ‘Local/1022@from-internal’

These duplicates are wreaking having on our queuemetrics system as it sees both showing up at the same times.

I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or something that may have occured from deleting/recreating the same ext.

Kernel Version 2.6.18-164.11.1.el5 (SMP)

The Asterisk version is more useful than the kernel one.

Your first pair is the same. The /n is an option and doesn’t change where the call goes.

The second pair are likely to be the same, given the way that people typically configure Asterisk. Miing /n and non-/n versions is almost certainly a misconfiguration.

However, both of them depend on the specifics of the dial plan. Either you, or a third party, will have provided that.

Without knowing how the analysis software works, I’m not sure it is possible to comment further.

Also, the queue subsystem doesn’t work with extensions, so there is no way we can relate extensions to what gets logged without full details of your dialplan and queue configuration.