DTMF tones for # and * not working on outgoing calls

Hello everyone,

As the title says, the DTMF tones for the # and * keys are not working on outgoing calls. DTMF tones for all the number keys work…A little info about my set up, I’m using Asterisk 1.8.15 as a SIP gateway between Microsoft Lync and my phone provider. I have two SIP accounts configured on Asterisk, one between my phone provider and another between MS Lync. Both SIP accounts have dtmfmode = rfc2833. I have enabled DTMF debug on logger.conf but nothing shows up on the screen when I use DTMF tones. The log only shows the call being made and when the call ends. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

I resolve my issue my configuring the SIP of my phone provider to dtmfmode=auto. I left the Lync SIP account as dtmfmode=rfc2833. I don’t know why this worked.