Dtmf sequence in ARI


We are using asterisk 15.4 with PJSIP. We have a dynamic feature using features.conf with dtmf sequence like #2, #8 etc, to execute some functions.

In features.conf it takes multiple dtmf signals in a sequence. I want to do the same from ARI stasis, But ARI ChannelDtmfReceived is getting triggered for each digit and I am not able to get a dtmf SEQUENCE similar to features.conf capture.

How can I capture dtmf sequence in ARI, to trigger dynamic functions.

There is no ARI functionality to recognize sequences or act based on them. That is application logic that has to be written in the application itself.

Hi jcop, thanks from immediate reply

We were thinking to use a list and append DTMF digits in that.
Then if we get the desired DTMF can we use, POST [/channels/{channelId}/variable] to set a variable and then use GET [/channels/{channelId}/variable] to access the variable later to do whatever we want. Is that a viable solution?

I’ve never done this so I don’t know with any certainty, but you can certainly do that.