DTMF missing after asktrik symbol


We are facing this issue when a user is trying to connect using a SIP phone .

The issue is when user types an input in any of the below format :

123*01045# or 453*23165# etc
We have a javascript function on the vxml which can interpret the two digits after * as a character like A - *21 ,B - *22 ,C- *23 , *01 for - (dash) , *00 for space etc .
Now the issue is when user types the input in the above format very fast. When 123*01045# is typed by user we are receiving only 123*0045# on the asterisk . May i know how this issue can be resolved ?

How are you reading the input?

This looks as though something is looking for a feature code. Asterisk would only do that if bridged.

i am not sure on how the input is being read into the asterisk as the asterisk server was set up by some other people ! But i wanted to know what can make the asterisk server to misinterpret the input from the user ?

And i have tested the scenario using a mobile network and it was working absolutely fine . But when a user enters the input in the above format mentioned from a SIP . the second dtmf afer the * is not even being received by the asterisk .

You didn’t answer the question!.

When you say not being received, part of the debugging process is to find out whether it is being received and ignored, or not being received. I’m tempted to take your posting literally, in which case you need to look outside Asterisk.

I could not answer your question as i was unaware of the set up . My higher officials who have setup the system found out the issue is only with the SIP phones but not the mobile network phones as both were using a different PBX server to redirect the requests to our Asterisk server. As you have suggested, they have started looking outside Asterisk and trying to find the root cause.
Thanks for the help !