DTMF Issue with h323 connection to Avaya

Hi, Does anyone here knows how to deal with my problem? I am already done with integration of asterisk to Avaya through H323. Everything works fine except DTMF issue. My avaya requires authorization code when calling an NDD,IDD and mobile numbers, then upon dial, I receive a tone which indicates me to input an authorization code but the problem is when I keyin the code, I guess the avaya doesnt receive it.

thanks in advance.

What channel technologies are you using (dahdi (analogue/digital), iax, h323, SIP, etc.) on each side, and for VoIP technologies, what dtmfmode are you using and what does the Avaya support?

Hi David,

I’m using H323 connection on Asterisk to Avaya and SIP on my Sip phones.
Avaya: out-of-bound
Asterisk ooh323: Inband
SIP Phones: RFC2833

The two ends must match. I’ not familiar with the capabilities of H.323, but inband v out of band is unlikely to work.

thank you david for facilitating my question. I will try to modify and make it same and see if works.

Have you tried H245signal or H245alphanumeric?they are out-of-band mechanism that pass dtmf digits on the signaling protocol instead of RTP streams.might solve the issue