DPMA no MAC address registers


I have several D65 phones which are registered and making calls on Asterisk. DPMA shows the IP Address of the registered phone, but reports no MAC address. I have a few older servers still using DPMA 3.0.1 with D40 phones working fine, so I’m not sure if it’s newer DPMA or the D65 firmware. I only found one reference on the Freepbx forum which said there is a difference in the session tracking between older and newer firmware which causes this issue. Has anyone heard of this problem?

The Asterisk is hosted in a data center on a public IP.
Remote office IP is whitelisted in iptables.

Freepbx 10.13.66-17 (version 13 gui)
Asterisk 13.12.2
DPMA 3.2.0
Digium D65 phones with firmware

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It has to do with all 2.x firmware - you’d see it on your D40 if you upgraded it to a 2.x firmware. It’s also not a DPMA thing. It’s a Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX thing. It’s a known issue. It’s relatively minor, so we’ve been working on some higher impact issues instead.

Thanks for the clarification. Can you tell me if DPMA works properly without registering the MAC? I have no ability to reboot the phone so I’m unsure if I should use it. I can purchase the End Point Manager commercial module on Freepbx if it’s not affected by this 2.x firmware issue?

DPMA knows the MAC. The PHP web module for FreePBX, which is the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX, and is NOT DPMA, can’t scrape the session for 2.x firmwares to show the MAC in the web UI.

You need to provide more context for your statement about reboot.

The FreePBX Endpoint Manager and DPMA are mutually exclusive. DPMA provisions Digium phones and allows fancy features. The Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX writes DPMA config files and gives you web pages with pointy clicky interfaces. The FreePBX Endpoijt Manager does not use DPMA to provision Digium Phones; instead it writes XML files that Digium Phones use, but the fancy features are foregone - because fancy features require DPMA.

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Thank you for that, when I downloaded and installed DPMA I didn’t realize in Freepbx the web interface was not actually from that install. Unfortunately, we need the web pages with the pointy clicky interfaces and if I can’t reboot the phone from the gui it limits its use.

The Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX does allow the sending of reconfigure commands to phone that have an active communications channel (session) w/ DPMA. If the phone hasn’t contacted DPMA, then DPMA doesn’t know how to talk to it, which means it can’t restart it. I’m guessing your phones haven’t already been connected to DPMA?

Alternatively, phones can, by default, be rebooted via a specially crafted SIP NOTIFY, but the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX doesn’t use that method. You can call that method from the Asterisk CLI.


I’ve only purchased Digium phones twice, once the D40 and now a few D65. The older firmware models register correctly with DPMA, I see their MAC addresses and I can reconfigure/reboot from the interface. The newer firmware models (on a different server) appear to register with DPMA at least running digium_phones show phone from the CLI shows the phone information. I wasn’t sure if it’s because I set them up manually from the phone, or they actually have contacted DPMA. Without the MAC address registered I can’t reboot them through the gui and thought it meant DPMA wasn’t working at all. I’ll try and verify this evening by making some changes in DPMA(freepbx gui) and then manually rebooting the phone through it’s interface.

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that only shows you a list of the configured phones.

How did you set the phone up manually from the phone? Did you manually point it at a Digium Configuration Server (DPMA), or did you manually plug in SIP credentials in the add account section?

If you run “digium_phones reconfigure phone (id of phone)” from the Asterisk CLI, what do you get?

If it’s something like:

pbx*CLI> digium_phones reconfigure phone 123 Phone 'Sample User' has not contacted the 
server.  The server is unaware of the location of this device and can not reconfigure it at this

then that means the phone has not been connected to DPMA and DPMA can’t send it reconfigures.

Yes, I had only configured the SIP credentials. The phone is remote and I have no access to the location, but I can access it’s web interface. digium_phones reconfigure did give the “server is unaware of the location” error so it has not connected to DPMA.

Historically we have been using mostly Aastra/Mitel and Polycom so we have End Point Manager on all servers. If it allows me to perform basic configuration I can make it work.

If you’ve done that then, you’ve not directed the phone to connect to DPMA. You’ll have to do that instead if you want the phone to be controllable at all from that web addon inside FreePBX.

The phone can be directed to DPMA using option66 from a DHCP server, by Multicast (easier if it’s done locally and not when trying to route remotely), by pointing to an intermediate XML file that specifies a config_server_url parameter, or by direct access to the phone’s hardware interface - not the phone’s web interface - to plug in the address of the Digium Config Server.

When the server list comes up, use the Settings soft key, then choose Digium Configuration Server (it’ll be option 2), and then feed in the SIP address of the server.

If you have questions about using Digium’s commercial products, Digium’s Support team (www.digium.com/support) is the best resource. These community forums are not patrolled by Digium staff.