Door Intercom Early Media

We have an end-user that has some video door intercoms, some wall-mounted SIP screens to answer the door, and some video capable Yealink phones.

When the door button is pressed, all devices ring, but only the wall-mounted SIP screen display a preview of the door video before the call is answered. (Video data sent via the Asterisk server, not direct IP)

The Yealink phones show a blank screen as if they are aware that a video call is coming (due to the codecs advertised?), but they don’t display the video until the call is answered/established.

Is there any way to force Asterisk to start sending early media before the call is answered?
I don’t see an Early Media setting in the latest Yealink firmware so I’m guessing that the phones automatically use Early Media if sent by the server?

Many thanks

You would have to change the source code for Asterisk to send the video stream as early media.

You might also look into Auto-answer on the Yealink using Alert-Info SIP headers added in your dialplan.

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