Don't hear tone(sound) when making a call to outsite(pstn)


I install Asterisk 1.8.24 and Digium Wildcard AEX800 8-port, everything is ok but I don’t hear the tone when I make outsite call(to pstn), I can call outsite but I can hear the tone before the the outside answers.

Thank you.

Try calling Progress() before Dial().

I’m newbie with asterisk, can you explain more or give me an example. Thank


This application will request that in-band progress information be provided to the calling channel. This is also known as “early audio” and “early B3” (for example: see Dial option /b in chan_capi-cm). Note that early audio also needs to supported by your carrier in order to work for the caller.
Typically used in conjunction with Playback and its ‘noanswer’ option (previously ‘n’ option).

On an unanswered SIP channel this will send a “183 Session Progress” to the endpoint.

Starting with Asterisk 1.6.2: SIP no longer sends the 183 progress message for early media by default. Applications requiring early media should use the progress() dialplan app to generate the progress message.

exten => 500,1,Progress()
exten => 500,n,Wait(1)
exten => 500,n,Playback(WeAreClosedGoAway,noanswer)
exten => 500,n,Hangup() … d+Progress

As my understanding, this is used for incoming call, how can use for outgoing call. When i make outgoing call i dont hear any tone until the outside anwers the call.

If the outgoing side isn’t hearing anything, how do they know to answer the phone?

I am assuming that it is the incoming side of the call where you want to hear something.

Thank you for your help, I try your guide and now it’s working.

One more question, I make a call to outside(pstn) or from outside to inside, when conversation is connected, at this time if someone calls from outside to my asterisk I will hear the greeting by Background(), by default this greeting is only heard when outsider call to my asterisk, but I don’t know why if someone makes a call inside to outside will hear this greeting when someone calls from outside.

Your second question is not clear. In any case, without your dialplan, it is not possible to answer it.

Example: 2 people call from outside(PSTN) to 2 numbers inside
when the first call from outside is connected to the number inside, I mean the conversation between outside and inside is established, at that time if the second call is also from outside to another number inside and the conversation of this call is also established, the problem is that the person inside of the first call can hear the conversation of the second call, it looks like ear drops. Please help this problem.

Wiring fault or fault with the line cards.

Check the wiring and if that is OK, contact the supplier of the line cards. Note that Digium provide support form their commercial web site, not through the community forums, although, if it is a genuine Digium card, I think this will be a problem with the wiring, quite possibly outside of your premises.

The wire is ok, this error happens when i upgrade from asterisk v1.4 to v1.8.24 only.

You should take it up with Digium as any crosstalk would have to be happening in the the hardware.