Does EAGI get audio for voicemail

I want to capture the audio of a voicemail in real time as it is being recorded (to put on the speakers). My approach is to create an EAGI script that is invoked on an incoming call. This EAGI script EXEC’s the Dial application to send the call to the appropriate extension, and if there is no answer, use a EAGI EXEC of the VoiceMail application to allow the user to leave a voicemail. All this works. Right before EXEC’ing the VoiceMail application the script forks and the child process attempts to read the audio on EAGI file descriptor 3. Descriptor 3 IS available and open, but no data ever comes on it. For the time the caller is interacting with the VoiceMail system, the child sits reading nothing on fd 3 and when when the caller is done with voicemail, the child gets end-of-file on fd 3 with zero bytes read.

Is it correct to expect that voicemail audio will come across on EAGI file descriptor 3, or is that onlyy live calls.

If the latter, are there other suggestions for capturing live real-time audio of a voicemail message as it is being left?

Thanks in advance.