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Is there any source where i can lookup de definition of the different databases and the fields. So i know what information is stored where and how.

Are you referring to the realtime tables? If so the schemas are in each release, and they generally match the .conf file which is documented on the wiki and some in the sample .conf files.

Thank you for the reply.
This documentation is to technical. What we want is more an explenation of how the fields are used and the purpose of them.
Is there some documentation about that?

The options and their meaning are documented on the wiki[1] with PJSIP being here[2] for example. As you haven’t asked for any specific documentation for a part of Asterisk, I can’t link that.


Hi Jcolp,

Thank you for the fast response, your much to kind. :slight_smile:
Maybe som explenation what’s the case.
We have a customer with a callcentre who’s using Asterisk 1.11 with asternic Stats pro2.
The customer wants to connect there BI software so they can make reports about the use off there callcentre and how there agents are doing. So they need access to all kinds of tables where they can generate different kind of reports.
So to make the reports they need to know what inforrmation is stored in wich table and what does this information mean and how is it used bij Asterisk. I hope i have made it more understandeble with this explanation.
Thank you very much for your time and effert.

Kind regards.

The question is still far too open to get a useful answer. People might try to answer if you said you wanted to obtain a specific piece of information, but they are not going to write consolidated documentation for you.

I’m also not clear that we are actually talking about Asterisk Realtime. With the exception of CDRs, queue logs and channel event logs, in a non-Realtime system, most tables only exist in memory and not all of the their content is externally visible.

Hello David,

Thanks for your reply.
i do not ask anyone to write anything for me.
i just want to know if there is any information that i can advise and where can i find it.
That’s it. And because the customer doesn’t know what he exactly wants, he wants to know what where he can have access to.

The most detailed documentation will be the source code. Even then, if you don’t know what you are looking for, it will be a lot of work.