Do X when queue member becomes unavailable

I am looking for ideas on how to run an agi or?? when a queue member becomes unavailable.

What I’m trying to do is create a fail safe for when a queue member using a SIP phone, loses their internet connection. My idea is to send calls to their cell phone automatically if they lose their SIP phone or internet connection.

Problem now is that if I only have one queue member logged in, taking calls overnight and they lose their internet, they may not know it an calls just sit in the queue forever until they hang up.

With this solution, calls would just start ringing the agents cell phone if their internet/SIP phone was down.

I’ve looked at a number of ways of accomplishing this but, none are particularly straight forward or simple.

Appreciate any ideas or help on how to accomplish this.

To answer your question, there is an AMI event that is fired when an endpoint goes offline or comes back online. You can have an application monitor it.

With that being said, to address this:

You may want to set joinempty to no and leaveempty to yes. That way, no calls will just sit in the queue.

Finally, you can log in local channels to the queue and on each call check if the endpoint is online and make a routing decision accordingly.

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