DNS SRV load balancing not working properly


Voice Provider gave me a DNS SRV record to route the traffic. DNS manager resolves the DNS SRV record to the same IP address (there are 2 IPs in the record). How can I resolve the DNS SRV each time I send a call to Provider with different IP address?

[code]DNS SRV record
(Answer Section):
_sip._udp.XXXXXX.com 3600 IN SRV 100 50 5060 ser01.XXXXXXXX.com
_sip._udp.XXXXXX.com 3600 IN SRV 100 50 5060 ser02.XXXXXXXX.com

(Additional Section):
ser01.XXXXXXXX.com 3600 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx2
ser02.XXXXXXXX.com 3600 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xx3[/code]

Thank you.

You can’t. Asterisk doesn’t work that way. The SRV support in chan_sip isn’t excellent.