Display Output Through PHP AMI

I dont want to see this part :

Asterisk Call Manager/7.0.1
Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted

Event: FullyBooted
Privilege: system,all
Uptime: 547080
LastReload: 170205
Status: Fully Booted

Response: Goodbye
Message: Thanks for all the fish.

All i want to see is this part :

Response: Success
Message: Command output follows
Output: Channel Location State Application(Data)
Output: 0 active channels
Output: 0 active calls
Output: 33 calls processed

You can get rid of the Event, by not giving read permission for the class containing the event.

You won’t get the command output unless you actually send the command (you haven’t show
what you sent).

You can’t get rid of the response to the login, nor can you get rid of the opening banner.

If you don’t want the Douglas Adams quote, I think you just need to keep the connection open, or explicitly logout.

Most people use class libraries, which handle some of this themselves.

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That helps!

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