Display customer name in my IP phone


I have configured a IP Phone. What i want is i need display my customer name on my IP phone when the customer call every time.

All customer informations are stored in database. Please help me.


Data base : my sql
Stored informations :

Name : criz
number : 1234567890

So if the call from 1234567890, i want to display the name ‘criz’ on the softphone instead of number.
i didnt put any information in my softphone. all want it from database.

Thanks & Regards,


You can do this in in Asterisk dialplan. What you do on every incomming call is:

  1. Take the incomming call CallerID and check if you have it stored in the database
  2. Modify the CallerID name with the method: Set(CALLERID(name)=caller_name)
  3. Call your IP phone

You will find more details on the net, this is a very general thing which a lot of people are using.

It’s indeed a more or less standard approach often implemented.
One addition: You may use func_odbc for the database lookup within the dialplan and You may combine this search (if nothing was found in the database) with reverse lookups over the INet. Further informations about this topic are everywhere within Your favorite search engine in the Web :smiley: