Disable digium card port


is there anyway to disable digium card port or disable the card itself ,I have digium E1 card ( TE 220).?

Easiest way to “disable” the card is to not load the driver (wct4xxp).

To disable or enable specific ports, don’t configure them in chan_dahdi.conf


thanks for the reply
I tried to comment the port configuration in /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf but the port still give me red light…
how to unload the driver??

/sbin/modprobe -r wct4xxp


hello malcolmd,

I got the following error
FATAL: Module wct4xxp is in use.

It’s in use because chan_dahdi.so is in use by Asterisk.

Why do you want to disable a port or disable the card?

I have active/standby scenario …I’m thinking of connecting the E1 line to both server and keep the port disabled until standby server become active…


We have a product manager who’d like ask you a few questions. Can he contact you by e-mail or telephone?

ok send an email

I do not have record of your e-mail address. You can send me yours by e-mailing my username @ digium.com.