Direct Dialling Extensions

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A couple of questions… Firstly, I’ve just in the process of building an Asterisk PBX, and was using Ext Numbers as the throughout the PJSIP configuration for endpoints. I’ve just noticed that by doing so allows other extension to direct dial without actually going through the dial plan context - is this normal?

Secondly, do people have a standard endpoint naming regime?


If a call is going through Asterisk, it always goes through the dialplan. There is no direct dialing built in.

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Thanks jcolp, yeah I literally just discovered my error… I had my dial plan in the wrong order so was missing the function I was attempt to incorporate.

This naming scheme is discouraged in the security guidance, because it gives away part of the credentials needed to impersonate the phone and make toll calls, however almost everyone uses it, and I believe it is fundamental to the design of FreePBX.

The security document suggests, I believe, using MAC addresses.

The other solution is to have the phone authenticate the PABX. I don’t know if any phones can actually do that, although you may find that they will do a TLS authentication, if you set them up for TLS only.

SIP was always designed for direct connections, even if most people using it discourage them and only accept calls that have gone through the PSTN and an ITSP.

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