Digium G100 Reviews?

Has anyone used the the Digium G100 gateway units?

I’m looking for a standalone T1/PRI to SIP appliance, and I’d like to use a G100 because I like Asterisk (and have an Asterisk server running our system), but I can’t find many reviews on them. I’ve had people recommend Patton to me, but I’m a little reluctant because the configuration is always a pain.

Any experiences with the Digium hardware, good or bad?

I’m a Digium employee, but still, you might find the following review worthwhile:



I am not a Digium Employee :wink:

The G100’s and G200’s are nice devices.

First of the all the GUI is interactive and one of the best I have seen and immediately provides confidence in the product. We configured and brought the first unit up in less than 30 mins with no manuals.

As for operation, we have several now out there with clients and all do their job nicely and as stated. The routing configuration is easy, and the ability to capture packets and pri logs makes it generally easy to work issues out.

I like the Patton devices as well, but as you said, a lot to configure, but the Patton allows a lot more tweaking, so it has its uses as well, but If I was onsite, putting a Gateway in, on the fly, I would rather be doing it with a Digium Gateway.

The only thing that has bugged me was the support from Digium compared to the support from Patton. But to be fair, Digium finally comes through with a bit of poking. Only being honest in the review.



Thanks for the replies! Very helpful from Digium and non-Digium employees alike :smile:

Bob - what kind of tweaking are you able to do on the Patton that you are not able to do on the Digium units?

One more vote for Patton SmartNode. But it definitly is true - the configuration is dificult to grasp, but you can do almost anything in the configuration (routing, number manipulation, SIP header manipulation). I am working a lot with Patton, so the configuration is not difficult for me. But if you need to learn the syntax for only one installation - I would not go there. Hireing an outside consultant is also an option. If you know a good integrator it should not take them more then an hour or two to set up the gateway (that should not cost too much). And once it is set up, you can forget that you have it :smile: