Digium B410P with dahdi latest

Hi Friends,

I have got a digium B410P and I am testing it with Asterisk 1.4.22, Dahdi svn. I can start dahdi, also dahdi_cfg -vvv works great. But While I start asterisk, the dahdi doesn’t load, the error given is “ERROR[7611] chan_dahdi.c: Unknown signalling method 'bri_cpe_ptmp”.

This is a new driver and cannot find more details in net. Anyone got a clue?

Thanks in Advance.

I had to reload the old dahdi_linux-2.0.0 and tools to get my asterisk to see my card again a yum update added a new file and the FXS and FXO card stop working.

Driver is detecting the card. I can run dahdi commands but asterisk has the issue.

Hey the problem occurs when you compile dahdi and asterisk without having compiled lipbpri before. Libpri gives support for the missing signalling.