Different Situation in call center


I am using Agents and Queues concept of asterisk for a call center to service the customers with agents.

Now I have a different requirement that, say for e.g Agent1 is on call with Customer1, the other customers in queue (Customer2,Customer3, customer4) should hear (spy or conference listen only) what Agent1 and Customer1 converse. When Customer1 hangsup, then customer2 should be able to converse with Agent1 and the others 3 and 4 should be able to hear (spy or conference listen only) and so on.

May be to achieve this simpler, is it possible that we can put this Agent’s channel as hold music?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


the example is somewhat incomplete as presented and seems like it will just end up being a mess, not to mention expose the call center to assorted legal and privacy concerns. Setting aside the wisdom of this, have you answered the first level easy questions? lets say you have, as you say, Agents: A1, A2, A3 and customers C1, C2, …Cn and the agents are all busy … so customers C4 thru Cn are all on hold in the queue. Now, some of the easy questions:

Which Agent-Customer interaction do you want them to be listening to? All the same or different ones for each?

If the A1-C1 conversation is being listened to by C4 and A2-C2 call is concluded, do you want C4 to be directed to A2 like a normal queue or wait until A1 is available since that is who C4 has been listening to?

If everyone on the queue is listening to A1-C1 and the call is put on hold, or the call is terminated and A1 pauses calls, do you want the system to automatically switch everyone to listening to A2-C2?

What happens during queue wrap times?

If everyone is listening to A1-C1 and, for whatever reason, C1 decides to tell A1 something totally inappropriate [e.g. access to their network if tech support, credit card number if customer support], what do you do now?

Thanks and got it. I can understand it is complex situation when it comes to multiple agents. I feel I have to drop this plan.

But I am asking this out of curiosity, if the agent is going to only one… would this be possible?


I also need this option

All people in the queue, can spy conversation between Agent1 and Custumer1

When Custumer1 hangup Custumer2 can converse with Agent1

There is only one Agent in the Queue.

Thank for your help

Use a conference with Agent as modertator. As new customers come in, add them to the conference with listen-only privilege. As when customer 1 leaves, grant customer 2 added privilege to participate in the conference.

thank you very much

have you please an example of dialplan…