Difference between DPMA and TFTP provisioning

what is the difference between DPMA and TFTP provisioning?


what are the advantages of DPMA provisioning?


The DPMA provisions phones using SIP as the transport mechanism for the phone’s provisioning information. Phones provisioned across TFTP pull a provisioning file from a TFTP server.

Using the DPMA to provide the provisioning to the phone means that you don’t have to setup a separate TFTP server.

As implemented in Digium’s phones, where the phones support multicast DNS, when the phone boots, it discovers Asterisk servers running the DPMA and contacts the server for its configuration. It’s a much-simplified process as compared to punching in the address of a TFTP server. Even where multicast DNS isn’t forwarded, it’s still easier to go the DPMA route than the TFTP route.

Digium phones can, if you elect to forgo the DPMA, be provisioned using configuration files. The 1.0.x firmware releases support HTTP and HTTPs. We do not support TFTP, and won’t.

Where I can get more information about the benefits I receive from the use of DPMA?

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