DID in Asterisk


I have a query relating to DID/DDI in Asterisk.

If I go to Incoming Calls and then add a new rule, it gives me options which seem to be on a per user basis.

How can I make a blanket rule for DDIs?

eg, internal extensions are 22xx, and DDI’s are say 019122222xx, how do I make a system wide rule for DDI’s that will simply strip the last 2 digits and then pre-pend 22?


exten => _019122222XX,1,Goto(22${EXTEN:9},1)

Thanks! Nice and user friendly then…

I’ve just realsied i’m actually using AsteriskNOW, so is there a GUI way to do this?

Sorry I’m not too familiar with using the AsteriskNOW gui. :frowning:

That’s OK, i’ll try posting my question in the correct forum!

Thanks for your help :smile: