DID fast busy, and log says 'No matching endpoint found'

I have a new asterisk now box, very basic single sip trunk, 1 inbound route,and a DID. When I call the DID I get fast busy, and the asterisk log says:
[2017-09-20 11:01:51] NOTICE[8813] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request ‘INVITE’ from ‘“4109518920” sip:4109518920@’ failed for ‘’ (callid: 6ee1afdc-9e14-11e7-b203-91ad00824981) - No matching endpoint found

Our SIP provider said,
I show your device is requiring authorization from us when it shouldn’t be.

Sep 20 10:19:07.693 AM < INVITE sip:4434513938@ SIP/2.0
Sep 20 10:19:07.744 AM < SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized
Sep 20 10:19:07.744 AM < ACK sip:4434513938@ SIP/2.0

How can I find out what is the cause of the problem?
Thank you

I dont use pjsip, but you can use the indentify section to identify inbound traffic by the source IP,

The identify configuration enables IP address matching against this endpoint.
For calls from a trunking provider, the From user may be different every time,
so we want to match against IP address instead of From user



The identify section as mentioned is how ITSPs are generally matched. If it goes to an endpoint that does not have any authentication specified, then we won’t challenge and the call will be allowed in.

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Do my logs suggest something is being blocked by the built in firewall, or a miss configuration?

They suggest a misconfiguration of either the device or Asterisk.

turned out to be my SIP trunk provider only supports SIP not pjsip, and in settings it was bound to port 5160, so I changed it to 5060, and we are all good

PJSIP is is SIP! If they only support chan_sip, that suggests they are relying on some behaviour that SIP does not guaranty.