Dialstatus in NOANSWER scenario

Once after estalishing the call on to a PSTN phone, even when we pick the call the Dialstatus still says “NOANSWER”.

called to landline phone:

– Called 011912040152300@proxy.xxxxx.com
– SIP/proxy1.bandtel.com-08440af0 is making progress passing it to Local/outbound@dialout-1193,1
[Nov 21 13:31:30] NOTICE[19095]: rtp.c:787 process_rfc3389: Comfort noise support incomplete in Asterisk (RFC 3389). Please turn off on client if possible. Client IP:
– No one is available to answer at this time (1:0/0/0)
– Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:2] NoOp(“Local/outbound@dialout-1193,1”, “status=NOANSWER”) in new stack

called to mobile phone

Called 011919960466622@proxy.xxxxx.com
– SIP/proxy1.bandtel.com-08432698 is ringing
– Nobody picked up in 50000 ms
– Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:2] NoOp(“Local/outbound@dialout-326b,1”, “status=NOANSWER”) in new stack

we are not using softphone here and why do we get comfort noise message here.

Appreciate your response and Thanks.

need to see your dial command that got you thier…
please post

My dialplan is as given below. The extension ‘outbound’ switches to the ‘outbound-handler’ where it dials the phone_number taken from database, once when the caller picks up the phone swithes to ‘macro-outbound-connect’ context.

This works good enough when i try calling to my xlite softphone, but not when i use sip service provider to call to the PSTN device.

When i call to PSTN (using sip service provider) it doesn’t switch to macro. In the DIAL syntax it cant recognise that i have picked the call the status still gives me ‘NOANSWER’.

If i ignore the call the status rightly gives as ‘Busy’.

The service provider doesnt give me support for asterisk.

exten => outbound,1,Answer		; switches to outbound-handler
exten => outbound,2,Wait(20)
exten => outbound,3,AGI(agi://
exten => outbound,4,Hangup

exten => outbound-handler,1,Dial(SIP/${CallInitiate_phonenumber}@proxy.xxxxx.com,40,gM(outbound-connect^agi://^${CallInitiate_hashdata}^${MACHINE_STATUS_UNKNOWN}))
exten => outbound-handler,2,NoOp(status=${DIALSTATUS})
exten => outbound-handler,3,Set(CallInitiate_hashdata=${CallInitiate_hashdata}) ;DIAL_STATUS is busy, etc.
exten => outbound-handler,4,Hangup

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,NoOp(status=${DIALSTATUS})
exten => s,3,Set(CallInitiate_hashdata=${ARG2})
exten => s,4,Set(machinestatus=${ARG3})
exten => s,5,AGI(${ARG1})
exten => s,6,Hangup

Also any thoughts on the “NOTICE[19095]: rtp.c:787 process_rfc3389” shown in my previous post. why do i get this.

Please help me out on this. Let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks and appreciate your response.


Any ideas folks, could not get the solution for it yet. Even though i pick the call the dialstatus says noanswer and gives me this message.

Nobody picked up in 50000 ms

Please help out.


I could still not fix the issue. Please post if any of you have any ideas.

As shown in my dialplan. The extension “outbound” switches to extension “outbound-handler” from which when the call is picked the control should go to “macro-outbound-connect”. But instead the control again goes to extension “outbound” and dialstatus is “NOANSWER”.

Asterisk cli extract is as shown:

-- Attempting call on Local/outbound@dialout for outbound-handler@dialout:1 (Retry 1) -- Executing [outbound@dialout:1] Answer("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,2", "") in new stack -- Executing [outbound@dialout:2] Wait("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,2", "40") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:1] Dial("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "SIP/011919960466622@proxy.xxxx.com|90|gM(outbound-connect^agi://^---+%0Aname%3A+sanchu%0Aid%3A+1%0A^)") in new stack -- Called 011919960466622@proxy.xxxx.com -- SIP/proxy1.bandtel.com-084b0d70 is making progress passing it to Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1 -- Executing [outbound@dialout:3] NoOp("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,2", "") in new stack -- Executing [outbound@dialout:4] AGI("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,2", "agi://") in new stack -- AGI Script Executing Application: (AGI) Options: (swift.agi|Hi Bhaskar, Welcome to the IVR world. sample Message. This is a reminder on your appointment with Dr. John on wednesday 23rd November) -- Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/swift.agi /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/swift.agi: eval: line 10: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"' /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/swift.agi: eval: line 11: syntax error: unexpected end of file -- Playing '/tmp/1195853347.30' (escape_digits=#) (sample_offset 0) -- AGI Script swift.agi completed, returning 0 -- No one is available to answer at this time (1:0/0/0) -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:2] GotoIf("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "0?105") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:3] NoOp("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "status=NOANSWER| DIALEDTIME=|ANSWEREDTIME=") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:4] GotoIf("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "0?107") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:5] GotoIf("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "0?101") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:6] Set("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "CallInitiate_hashdata=---+%0Aname%3A+sanchu%0Aid%3A+1%0A") in new stack -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:7] Goto("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "104") in new stack -- Goto (dialout,outbound-handler,104) -- Executing [outbound-handler@dialout:104] Hangup("Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1", "") in new stack == Spawn extension (dialout, outbound-handler, 104) exited non-zero on 'Local/outbound@dialout-9f78,1' [Nov 23 15:30:22] NOTICE[26524]: pbx_spool.c:351 attempt_thread: Call completed to Local/outbound@dialout