Dialplan with DIALSTATUS

Dear Team,

I am trying to do outgoing call and return DIALSTATUS to agi Variable, please find the below details and help me to create dial plan

Channel: dahdi/i1
Context: simple-retry
Extension: 4444
Priority: 1
Set: UNIQID=7508da3cc6dbcd2e2
Set: audio=helow-world

DIALSTATUS is only set when the Dial() dialplan application is used. Are you using that in “simple-retry” and expecting it there?

Hi, thanks for the reply, simply-retry is the context name. Please let me know how to use DIALSTATUS in dial command and save it to agi veriable.

If you use the Dial application then it will set DIALSTATUS. You can use the AGI command to retrieve a dialplan variable to get it.

That’s pretty much it. If you’d like more you’d need to describe in further detail exactly what you are trying to achieve and show the complete details.

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