Dialplan show <context> details

I want to go through the dialplan for 301 as carefully as possible:

tleilax*CLI> dialplan show vicidial-auto-phones
[ Context 'vicidial-auto-phones' created by 'pbx_config' ]
  '102' =>          1. Dial(SIP/gs102,60,)                        [pbx_config]
                    2. Goto(default,85026666666666102,1)          [pbx_config]
                    3. Hangup()                                   [pbx_config]
  '301' =>          1. Dial(SIP/thufir,60,)                       [pbx_config]
                    2. Goto(default,85026666666666301,1)          [pbx_config]
                    3. Hangup()                                   [pbx_config]
  'h' =>            1. AGI(agi://${HANGUPCAUSE}-----${DIALSTATUS}-----${DIALEDTIME}-----${ANSWEREDTIME}) [pbx_config]

-= 3 extensions (7 priorities) in 1 context. =-

how do I get specifics about steps 1,2,3 through the Asterisk console?

What do you mean by “be specific”. As far as I can see you have all the information that is available.

Note neither priority 3 is reachable if that is your entire dialplan and there is no third party control.

Also hangup, with no parameters, does nothing useful if you have autofallthrough set (now the default, and it is not followed by a priority one higher that matches the same extension.

for 3. Hangup() how do I trace that back to find out which scripts are invoked? The autofallthrough?

I didn’t include the entire dialplan, because it’s too large (for me) to read through.

For a dynamic trace of the dialplan set verbosity to at least 3.

thanks for tolerating my fumbling about a bit. I’ll work on this, read the Asterisk guide a bit, and come back with some more specific questions :smile: