Dialplan not working properly

Why, this both dialplans doesn’t work equal ?

This is working properly when I dial the number 18664551655:
exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/saida-solaris/${EXTEN},90/nj)

This is NOT working properly when I dial the number 00 + 18664551655:
exten => _00X.,1,Dial(SIP/saida-solaris/${EXTEN:2},90/nj)

I removed the 00 before the number, what have the difference?

You seem to have forgotten the logs.

This happen only in a peer with a GrandStream IP telephone. When I use a softphone works ok.

This problem has nothing to do with dialplan. Your Asterisk appears to be behind NAT and you have not configured it to know that. As a result when it responds to the Grandstream it provides a private IP address that the Grandstream can not contact.

You need to configure chan_sip to know it is behind NAT using the appropriate options in sip.conf

Looks like a NAT issue. Also never post your public IP’s while posting logs.

Yes, the IP telephone access the network behind a bridge of a laptop… otherwise is very strange because with one dialplan works properly, with another doesn’t work.

Thank you by clarify my question.

thank you… I am removing the ips…