Dialplan Execution

can someone please explain the dialplan execution sequence, i’m unable to execute any application after Dial()


That’s because the next this will happen it both channel will be hangup. Use extension “h” after Dial(), on most occassion, this extension is use together with DeadAGI, since this is the only application (besids Monitor) you can use for a dead channel.


i am using the following in extensions.conf, but still the the agi script does not execute.

exten => 999, 1, Answer()
exten => 999, 2, Dial(SIP/100)
exten => 999, 3, DeadAGI(agi-test.agi)
exten => 999, 4, Hangup()

this is what i get at asterisk prompt:

– Registered SIP ‘100’ at port 44278 expires 3600
– Saved useragent “X-Lite release 1002tx stamp 29712” for peer 100
– Executing Wait(“SIP/105-fb29”, “”) in new stack
– Executing Answer(“SIP/105-fb29”, “”) in new stack
– Executing Dial(“SIP/105-fb29”, “SIP/100”) in new stack
– Called 100
– SIP/100-e2c2 is ringing
– SIP/100-e2c2 answered SIP/105-fb29
– Attempting native bridge of SIP/105-fb29 and SIP/100-e2c2
== Spawn extension (agents, 999, 3) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/105-fb29’


Oh, come on baconbuttie. This guy needs a direction, and everybody knows here you can give a better answer. So, please give your answer.

what else is there to say ? you already answered the OP, yet he’s ignored what you put and continued with a priority on the original extension instead of using ‘h’ as you posted. the wiki page contains the same info that you posted.

or you want me to do this ?

exten => 999, 1, Answer() exten => 999, 2, Dial(SIP/100) exten => h,1, DeadAGI(agi-test.agi) exten => h,2, Hangup()