Dialplan code return on Yealink phone display

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well.
I have a problem and I still haven’t found a solution.
When I make a call to another extension from the Yealink T21PE2 telephone and the call is rejected or even if the other point is busy, I have the following value “0,850;cause=17” returned on the telephone screen.

I’ve already commented out some dialplan lines, but I haven’t heard any results. Could someone help me?

You’ll have to give us at least some clues as to what your dialplan looks
like, otherwise we’re guessing in the dark.


That’s “Q.”, not “O,” and it is not dialplan code, it is a SIP Reason header. Q.850, cause 17, is “User Busy”. There are channel driver options to suppress Reason headers.


Asterisk doesn’t have any live use dialplan lines in the first place, so the only ones you can comment out are ones you added yourself, and we have no idea what those are.


I changed the field suppress_q850_reason_headers = ‘yes’ in table ps_endpoint and resolving my problem.

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