Dialplan and Dial-peers

Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie to asterisk. Could someone help me out with the difference between Dialplan and Dial-Peer with an example?

Also, where we configure the Dial-peer? On Asterisk?

One is part of the configuration, the other is not.

Dialplan refers to extensions.conf, or its functional equivalents, such as extensions.ael, and the corresponding Asterisk Real Time Architecture table.

I need more information to understand what you mean by Dial-Peer.

I think he may be talking about Endpoints.

Thanks a lot for information. A dial peer, also known as an addressable call endpoint, is a device that can originate or receive a call in a telephone network. In voice over IP (VoIP), addressable call endpoints can be categorized as either voice-network dial peers or POTS (plain old telephone service) dial peers.

Where we configure these dial-peers? As per my understanding is it on voice gateways?

You configure endpoints in the configuration file for their respective technology.

For SIP you would configure them in pjsip.conf or possibly use the pjsip_wizard.conf if you wanted to use the wizard to make things easier.

If your endpoints are IAX2 based the configuration would be in iax.conf

You could also have endpoints configured in h323.conf or chan_dahdi.conf, Really it’s specific to what technology you are using to connect your endpoints to your PBX.