Dialogic D/41E

I’m looking at installing a fairly basic system for a small office that will use the original analog POTS lines and network phones in the office. I realize that these card are old but they are inexpensive to try and I would assume are far better than the clones.

Does anyone use these and if so, do they perform well? Also, the wiki mentions licensing for the Dialogic cards but the pricing isn’t on the Dialogic site. Anyone know how much it runs?

In a word - don’t do it - you’ll be hating life before you get the Dialogic cards working.

The rumor mill has it that you have to buy the business edition $995 on the Digium site, a little less from dealers, before you get access and the support you need to deploy Dialogic drivers - then your guess is as good as mine whether the old D/41 card would be supported.

Cheaper to buy a couple TDM04B’s; you can buy them from a dealer for a little less than $400 or direct from Digium for $421.

Forget those Dialogic cards - they are half duplex. They were designed for IVR use where you either play prompts (recorded voice or TTS) to the caller or collect information (either voice or DTMF) from the caller, but not both at the same time.