Dialing extension numbers and personal numbers at once

So I have been thrown into the pit of maintaining and configuring the Asterisk server as of a week ago and things are already being difficult and over my head.

My current situation is that I have a department that wants to have all of their phones ring at the same time when somebody calls (aka, customer support). Currently I have the following line that is known to be working.

exten => 12005,1,Dial(SIP/13227&SIP/…11272&SIP/11285&SIP/11291,30,rwW)

The trouble is, we are slowly having employees working from home and need for their personal phones to ring at the same time as the extensions within the office and I have no idea on how to do this. Currently this is the template that I am using to dial any external numbers at all

exten => 11229,1,Dial(Local/(phone number)@internal||Wmorg)

My question is, is it possible to make a line like:
exten => 12005,1,Dial(SIP/13227&SIP/…11272&local/(phone number)@internal||Wmorg,30,rwW)
or is this completely crazy?

Another thought I had was to create “duplicate” priorities like such
exten => 12005,1,Dial(SIP/13227&SIP/…11272&SIP/11285&SIP/11291,30,rwW)
exten => 12005,1,Dial(Local/(phone number)@internal||Wmorg)

Thoughts? Thank you!

You are using a rather out of date version; “|” isn’t used as a delimiter now.

However, the first form shold work, although you could directly use the dial string that the local channel eventually uses.

One of the duplicate priorities will be completely ignored.

I was wondering why I couldn’t seem to find any templates that were like mine using the ‘|’ delimiter. It doesn’t surprise me it is out of date really.

I apologize for not understanding, but could you explain a bit more about what you mean by “although you could directly use the dial string that the local channel eventually uses.”

Thank you for your response. I am hoping at least the first option I came up will work if nothing else.

Local/@internal, presumably, issues a Dial application call somewhere in the internal context, you could use the address from that Dial command, rather than have the extension to address translation be done using a local channel.