Dial two calls twice through LocalChannel

We dial 2 numbers at same time through below command and want to keep separate call recording for both the calls along with telco announcement.
Can anyone help me should I go with local channel if yes then what would be the syntax to dial 2 numbers twice

Dial(“SIP/server10320871-00000ee1”, “DAHDI/g0/8413930434&DAHDI/g0/7982875673,45,D(1)gM(inboundmacroM)”)

Thanks In advance

Yes you should, using something like this




I don’t think you can record both calls at the same time, because once one of the numbers answer the call it will control the whole session

Thanks for the help will try this code once

if above code will not work then do we have any other way because I have to capture telco message seperately for both the number

Use Originate command

Yes you can ambiorixg12. Only thing is to ensure you use unique name in MIXMONITOR for those 2 calls.
As only 1 of the 2 calls gets connected, you’ll have one recording with (telco message if any + call conversation) and other with only telco message

I think you need to step back and explain why you are trying to do this

thanks to all you gusy, i think the best way I should try this once and if same will work then it will be good for all of us…so I will try this in next couple of hours and will update you guys too.

please ignore i put wrong code here

exten => 6465429,1,Answer()
same =>n,Dial(local/8872674098@ibmobcallrecoring&local/7848527571@ibmobcallrecoring)
same =>n,Hangup()

exten => _XXXXXXXXXX,1,NoOp(callstarted)
same =>n,Set(PATH=/home/IBDualCallRecordingsTest/)
same =>n,Set(CALLFILENAME={PATH}/{UNIQUEID}-{STRFTIME({EPOCH},%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)}-{EXTEN}) same =>n,MixMonitor({CALLFILENAME}.wav)
same =>n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN},To)
same =>n,Hangup()

above code is working for me great thanks to you Satish and other guys in forum …I can get the call recording of both the numbers now Answered call’s recording is with telco+conversation and unanswered call’s is with telco message which solve my purpose

Also local channel is the only possible way to fulfill my requirement?

I have never tried myself but see if you can place MixMonitor in a context specified by option b of Dial application.

b( context^exten^priority ) - Before initiating an outgoing call, Gosub to the specified location using the newly created channel. The Gosub will be executed for each destination channel.
priority( params )

same =>n,Dial(local/8872674098@ibmobcallrecoring&local/7848527571,20,D(1)@ibmobcallrecoring)

in above way i dial my call through local channel and in local channel below code is written
same =>n,Dial(DAHDI/g0/${EXTEN},To)
what should be the dial dial pattern for Dial function in [ibmobcallrecoring] any suggestion

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