Dial timeouts and SIP 302 redirects

I’ve deployed Aastra 9133i’s at an office. One nice feature about these handsets is that each end-user can configure call-forwarding by using the web interface. When a call comes into the phone, it sends a 302 “Temporarily Moved” SIP status message back to Asterisk. The server than routes the channel to another internal extension or to an outside line, as appropriate.

The problem is that when a person dials an extension, I have a 15 second timeout; after which the call rolls to voicemail. When forwarding is enabled, this isn’t enough time to complete the bridge. What is is typically happening is that a person calls a handset with forwarding enabled and the call is then forwarded to the user’s cell phone. The callee will hear his cell phone ring for a split second before the bridging attempt is aborted and the caller is dumped to the Asterisk voicemail system.

Is there any way that I can lengthen the dial timeout when the incoming call is forwarded?

Did you get a response to this?

I’ve been having exactly the same issue. I can’t believe it’s not a problem that crops up frequently enough that people must have seen it before.