Dial plan with database

i do not know exact need or not asterisk AGI/AMI…
i am searching solution how to code dial plan :
i have database records with ID-s digits (3-4-5) with cell mobile numbers …
i want i .e : when caller will tape IDs(number) after IVR for example… asterisk must lookup this ID in database and call via trunk to Relevant mobile number retrieved from database . thanks

Assuming you will code the DB connection in the programming language of your preference you can use AGI.

This can be done also directly from the dialplan in many differents ways :

can i find examples of code or manual… somewhere ?


fine it is database connection, and can you give dial plan code example , how i can reach to my goal?

Are you looking to learn or find a working code. if learn is your answer read the information on the above link. In case you want a working code start creating your own code and post it here and we can help you. Or the easy way pay to some one who build it