Dial plan stops internal call routing

Hi all,

Very new to developing dial plans, so apologies if this is a simple one.

Basically I have made a context that ties a particular extension to a specific trunk. I call the context from the extensions context config.

In the context I have only 3 lines:

include => from-internal
exten => _X.,1,Dial(SIP/trunk_02033550752/${EXTEN})

Although this context has had the desired effect of tying extensions to trunks, it now will not allow calls between extensions.

Any help or pointers gratefully received.


Try more X’s in the pattern than there are digits in the longest internal number.

Thanks very much.

That has solved it!


The fix provided by David did the job perfectly…for a couple of days.

Now, the outbound routing has stopped working and I get the ‘your call con not be completed’ message.

I haven’t changed anything, so I wondering if I should have some more lines in the context or something else I should look out for?

Thanks again. Hopefully nearly there.