Dial plan Extension not matching Caller ID extension

We’re experiencing an odd issue. An extension that is not in the queues or ring groups is getting the calls for those queues/ring groups. When I looked at call logs, I see that the dialplan and Caller ID numbers do not match. Anyone come across this issue before?

I don’t recognize the selection of fields in your log and any caller ID from the dialplan would need to be explicitly set by it, so this reports seems useless without the complete dialplan.

In most cases Asterisk doesn’t have access to ANI information, as that is not normally passed from the network operator to their customer’ customers normally just get a caller ID presentation value, not the accounting number, which can be different. DID is a term used by FreePBX and not Asterisk. Asterisk doesn’t log the original request URI, or any other source used by FreePBX, by default.

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