Dial application length limit

Is there any length limit using dial application where I would like to have more than one Technology/Resource

Dial(“SIP/XYZ-000cb87”, “SIP/10001&SIP/10002&SIP/10003&SIP/10004&SIP/10005&SIP/10006&SIP/10007&SIP/10008&SIP/10009&SIP/10010&SIP/10011&SIP/10012&SIP/10013&SIP/10014&SIP/10015&SIP/10016&SIP/10017&SIP/10018”)

and my dialplan written like below using a variables coming form AGI

exten => _X.,1,Dial(${Dial},${timeout},TtrL(${remaining-ms}:300000))

The problem I am facing is when I use like above my remaining milisecond is missing on the live log

There is a limit. However, you also have two too many commas.

Can we increase the limit from the source code of asterisk and recompile?

exten => _X.,1,Dial(${Dial},${timeout},TtrL(${remaining-ms}:300000))
and I do only have two commas in only 1 place which is in the above line and now I have replaced with the below

exten => _X.,1,Dial(${Dial},${timeout},TtrL(${remaining-ms}:300000))

And just for the info I have discovered the character limit is 248 on a live system…

I think you will find the actual limit is 255 or 254 and is a limit on the whole line, not just the arguments.

In principle you could modify and recompile, as I don’t think there is anything fundamental about the limit. however, you may find that there are limits, with the same effect, in more than one place, and there is a small, theoretical, risk of a buffer overrun as a result of assuming that a string can never exceed a particular length.

Ok, thanks @david551

I will try to do the same from AGI and callfile.

Hi David,

Is there a same limit in asterisk 13.13 using pjsip?

I haven’t used pjsip, yet alone tried it with very long dial strings. I think the limit I quoted above was for the the dialplan processor.