Developing codecs and file formats

Hi everyone,
I’m using asterisk to develop an IVR system and sometimes the client asks for different codecs, I’m able to find them, but sometimes the file format/ file convert module is not available to this specific codec (amr is an example). It makes asterisk convert the audio on the fly, which is not good for an IVR System, did anyone knows where can I find some information about how to develop modules and codecs for asterisk, so I can help my self and maybe add my produced code to the asterisk repository?

I mean, anyone can point the interfaces for modules and codecs?

Flavio Magacho

There are no guides for such things or example implementations, as they are generally rarely created/touched. Following existing implementations is really the only option.

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Thanks a lot for your answer, can you point me the interfaces or the implementation that I should follow to implement my version?

The existing implementations are in the “formats” and “codecs” directories in the Asterisk source code. I don’t have specific ones to point to.

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Perfect, thanks a lot!

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