Determining called number from event log

If an extension is dialled which results in a call to Dial that dials multiple numbers in parallel, say something like:

1234 => Dial(SIP/provider/2345&SIP/provider/6789)

then the event log will record two new channels, one for each number being called, but there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can see to tell which is which and hence if one answers which one it was.

The extension field in both is the originally dialled extension number rather than the extension/identifier passed to the technology provider in the dial string.

Is there any way to change this, or some other way to distinguish them and work out which number was actually called for the leg (if any) that answers?

What event log are you referring to? CEL? CDR?

Well either would do but primarily CEL really given I figure I’ve got more chance there.