Description field in pjsip

When using chan_sip, there is the very useful “description” parameter, which allows you to see general information about a peer (generally first name and last name) in console, with the “sip show peers” command. For example:

peer1/peer1 D Auto (Yes) Auto (Yes) 37219 OK (35 ms) 100 - John Doe
peer2/peer2 D Auto (Yes) Auto (Yes) 45922 OK (32 ms) 101 - Jane Doe

With res_pjsip driver I have not found anything similar. The same two peers I have taken as an example with “pjsip list endpoints” would be displayed like this:

Endpoint: peer1/100 Not in use 0 of inf
Endpoint: peer2/101 Not in use 0 of inf

even with “pjsip show contacts” you get the sip uri which is quite useless to identify a user from a human point of view.

Is there a way to include that information in pjsip.conf in order to get them displayed in console?


There is no such thing for the chan_pjsip driver.

Thank you very much.

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