Default values for dcontext field in CDR?

I am trying to differentiate types of calls based on the “dcontext” field in the CDR table. Does anyone know what the default values that get inserted into that field are and where they might be found in the asterisk documentation? Thanks in advance.

This pertains to Asterisk 13.

dcontext is The destination context of the call, there is no default value as it’s unique to your dialplan.

Thanks. I think we must have used custom dialplans in the old implementation because no one has made a dialplan for this implementation and we still have dcontext values like “from-internal” and “app-all-queue-pause-toggle”. That’s why I figured they must be defaults somewhere. No one set those up specifically.

If you don’t provide a dialplan, all you get is samples that are not useful for production use.

I think you provided a dialplan by installing FreePBX. This is the wrong forum for asking about the contexts used by FreePBX.