Default (Built-In) Company/User Directory Search

Where do I find the file for the built-in Asterisk directory search. I tried searching this forum for built-in directory, company directory, etc., but couldn’t seem to locate anything that would lead me to that file. And perhaps it is built in to the code and is not modifiable. I want to change the timeout before it falls through and hangs up as well as putting a tone in at the end of the prompt to enter the three letters so the user will know when to begin. Is this default company directory “script” modifiable? I’ll continue searching. Thank You.

apps/app_directory.c, or did you mean something else. The timeouts are hard coded, but easy to find and change, if you build from source.

Thanks for the reply. Not well-versed enough to build from code. No big deal. Thought if I could daisy chain a recording after the default prompt that tells the caller to enter the first 3 letters… that was just a beep tone then callers would hopefully be wise enough to know to start entering the name. Thought perhaps there was a context somewhere that contained all of those steps that could be modified but doesn’t sound if that is the case. Again, thanks for the response.