Decline (603) vs Temporarily Unavailable (480)

Hi to all,

I have a soft phone (eyeBeam) when user reject the call, it sends SIP 480 to asterisk and asterisk detect circuit busy and so NO-ANSWER. But on other softphone based on PJSIP, when user regect the call, it sends Decline (603) and asterisk detect BUSY. In this situation I can’t detect busy state when user is on call from when user rejects the call.

I want to know is there any solution to change this? I mean when asterisk get 603, it detects NO-ANSWER.

Thanks for helps.

You will need to read the actual SIP status code. Recent versions of chan_sip support that. I don’t know whether PJSIP does. You could also check to see if ${HANGUPCAUSE} is different for this case.