DDI numbers


We have a few DDI 0845 numbers for our office but our main office number is an 0161 number from BT.

Our DDI numbers forward to this 0161 number when dialled.

We want to find out which one of our numbers has been dialled by the caller.

We have entered

same => n,Verbose(2,${EXTEN})

to our extensions.conf file to try and echo out what number has been dialled. But the only output is the last 6 digits of our 0161 number even if this number hasn’t been dialled

Why can’t we see the last 6 digits of out 0845 numbers?

Hope this makes sense!

That’s because your 0845 numbers don’t actually terminate in your premises, they’re each delivered to one of your 0161 DDI numbers which do, hopefully a different 0161 number for each 0845 number. Whoever organised your 0845 numbers should be able to tell you to which 0161 number each is delivered, if they’re not there then you could call each 0845 number in turn and watch the CLI to see which 0161 number the call comes in on, assuming you’ve no clever IN routing going on it’ll be the same 0161 number every time and this will be different for each 0845 number. Once you know which 0161 number each 0845 comes in on it’s then easy to know which 0845 had been dialled, yes?

As for your previous post, then as it sounds like you’re seeing 6 digits from the exchange then
exten => _X.,1,NoOp(${EXTEN}) will show whatever you’re receiving as ambiorixg12 suggested in his response, but then it looks like you’ve already got that covered.