Database, tables asterisk configuration files

I would like to implement a management of asterisk files through database, I have got a few tables like pjsip (ps_aour, ps_auth …), queue (queue, queue_members …) and the extensions is through a switch statement in the dialplan. However, I am missing tables from other folders like manager, http, agent, cdr_ *, res_ *, ari …
Do you know where I can find these tables?
or I will have to create them

thanks you in advance.

Dont know what guide you followed, but you should install Alembic is a full database migration tool, with support for upgrading the schemas of existing databases, versioning of schemas, creation of new tables and databases and other things

yes,I used this tool, but I can’t get all the configuration tables of asterisk, I can only get these:

Only some modules support Asterisk Real Time Architecture, and even they may not support if for all the configuration.

Some of the configuration can only be done by manipulating the files.

I think ARA is only community supported, and I think that FreePBX directly manipulates the configuration files based on its own database, so ARA will have relatively few users.

I see, what I think I’m going to do is manage the users pjsip, queue and dialplan through ARA, the rest I’ll manipulate it through the database.
Thank you so much for everything.

The ones covered by ARA are the only ones that use a database!