DAHDI hangup not received

Hello i have a TDM410p card installed everything is working receiving and dialing calls but after the calling party hangs up the call the asterisk dialplan continues as nothing happened any help.

How does your network operator provide disconnect supervision on incoming calls? Asterisk has support for removal of battery and busy tone, but they must be configured.

You didn’t ask about the outgoing leg, but analogue PSTN connections do not present any signalling for CLEAR, only for RELEASE. Historically that would be delayed for about 3 minutes after CLEAR, to allow the phone to be put down and the called picked up in another room. BT, in the UK, have drastically reduced that, for most calls, in the last couple of years.

Generally, if disconnect supervision is important to you, you need to use an ISDN interface, either directly, or via an ITSP.

Hello David

Thank you for your quick reply.

I tried calling operator and the support is a mess they do not know what i am talking about.

is there any way to test that from my end example changing all possible configuration for that.

if this is an option can you point me to what should i be trying.

Thanks in advance

The normal forum policy is that all DAHDI questions should be addressed to the vendor, but I have a feeling you have end of life products.

In general, the sort of customer for whom network operators would provide support with that sort of knowledge are those who wouldn’t be using analogue lines in the first place.

DAHDI provides options for tracing low level signalling, but I have never used DAHDI with actual hardware.

In the UK, BT publish details of the signalling at https://www.btplc.com/SINet/SINs/index.htm Your network operator may do so. Even then different exchanges may support different options, and the SINs do provide that level of detail.

Hello Again

i did find a way to test online

which is easy to test — just plug in a phone with a lighted keypad and watch to see if the keypad blinks off when the other end hangs up

and this is happening when i connect a normal phone however still i am not able to detect the hangup in asterisk

do you think there is something wrong in my configuration of the dahdi :confused:

appreciate any advice.

As I said, I haven’t used this in anger. I can’t actually find an option for detecting removal of battery, only one for line reversals. I thought DAHDI recognized the battery removal signal, but either it doesn’t, or you cannot disable it. I’d have to look deep in the code to tell which.

Hello David

I found a post by you since 2011 stating the below

All options for a channel must precede the channel => line!

that solved my problem when i was trying to use busy detect.

Thank you so much