Cyberdata Paging Gateway

I have a cyberdata paging gateway I’m trying to get on board with Asterisk via freepbx.
I create the extension, the unit registers, and the pjsip show contacts CLI gives me:
355/ aabbccddeeff Unavail 0.000

WHy is it unavailable?

Insufficient information!

Does it register and if so has it registered?

Do you try to “qualify” it and, if so, does it actually respond to OPTIONS.

Is NAT involved, and, if so, is it properly configured for that?


I have it set to register. I do not see it in the list of registrations.
I do not see how to qualify it
Nat is not an issue on this subnet.

Your first posting shows the registration.

Screen shots from my setup:


Good day

Are both devices on the same network? Can you ping both from your machine at the same time?

Yes, i can. Same switch

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