Customer voice is not coming on inbound calls

Hi Guys,

I did setup inbound on webrtc bases webphone on asterisk 15 version and inbound call is coming properly however agent is unable to hear what customer says?

I did put petrol in the car, the car will start, but still cant driveā€¦ ?

If you want members of this forum to help you, you really need to provide more informationā€¦ Or can you tell me whats wrong with my car?

WebRTC is not something you can deploy and just have it work. It can, and will, fail. Part of deploying it is learning the underlying technology (WebRTC is complex) so that you can figure out what is going on when things do go wrong. In this case you need to look at the ICE negotiation, the DTLS-SRTP negotiation, the browser information, packet capture, and Asterisk console. There is a LOT involved.