Custom header in 183 Session In Progress

Let me explain the scenario. I have an asterisk server having inbound and outbound trunk with twilio. When twilio sends SIP INVITE to our asterisk platform, it calls STASSIS_START on ARI App configured in the dial plan. Our ARI application then originates another call via outbound sip trunk. It needs to send a custom header in outgoing SIP INVITE so I use ADDHEADER0 in arguments. It works successfully and I am able to send custom header in outgoing SIP INVITE. When destination number answers the call, I simply bridge both the channels.

Now the problem is, There is custom header in ‘183 session in progress’ from SIP server. and I am unable to find any way to get that custom header ?

Your ideas appreciated.

There is no ability currently to retrieve headers except from the initial INVITE.

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