Custom Extensions

Hi All,

My Asterisk environment:CentOS, FreePbx2.5, 2 Digium E1 Cards ISDN (one E1 connected to a PBX).

I would like to use the Custom Extension Config. Asterisk would access a E1 trunk to call a remote Extension in a PBX (8568).

I have configured it but after dialing 8568 (my Custom Extension - PBX) from 2005 (SIP local Asterisk Extension), I receive the audio message “silence/1&cannot-complete-as-dialed&check-number-dial-again|noanswer”

Which fields have to be configured in the FreePBX?

Is there a log file other than /var/log/asterisk/full to check/see calls?

I appreciate your help.

Thank you.